Dr. Beams Medical Home is a primary care medical practice caring for our community from birth through the life cycle. We take care for our families from birth, and through the adult life span. Dr. Zaneb Beams is a Board Certified Pediatrician caring for young people from birth through 21 years. Dr. Tessie Aikara is a Board Certified Family Medicine specialist. While her focus is adult and women’s health care, she is trained to care for your whole family from birth through adulthood.

Our practice is unusual because our providers are medical doctors who directly manage our patients. If you are Dr. Beams’ patient, you will always see Dr. Beams unless you request otherwise. There is no revolving door of doctors, and you won’t have to tell a new doctor all about your family every time you come in. We are committed to caring for your family – one on one.

We are also unique in that we answer questions and address problems through telemedicine – answering emails, text messages, and of course telephone conversations to help your family stay healthy. We don’t use an answering service or paging system. After hours, when you call us, you call our cell phone. You can email or send us a text message between 6 am and 9 pm with non-urgent questions. All urgent questions deserve a phone call to our direct cell phone.